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Monday, October 26, 2009

Christian Libertarian Party Manifesto

Geocities has gone away, so I have transferred everything I posted on my Christian Libertarian Manifesto page on Geocities to this blog. Here are links to the essays transferred that have a libertarian bent.

What is Christian Libertarianism

Christian Liberarian Summary

Liberation Morality

Rebuilding the Body of Christ

The Limits of State Power

Education, Welfare and Religion

Drugs, Mental Health and Crime

Racial Justice

Gay Rights

Birth Control and Stem Cell Research

Roe v. Wade and Reproductive Freedom

Abortion and the Christian Left

Limiting Congressional Meddling in District Affairs

The Budget Process and Regulatory Reform

Improving Budget Execution

Health Care for Seniors

Medical Lines of Credit

Medical Malpractice Reform

The True Nature of the Social Security Crisis

Comprehensive Tax Reform

State and Local Finance

Transportation Systems

Social Security and Ownership

Corporate Governance

Pay Equity

21st Century Homes: Interindependence

The 21st Century Career

Professional Sports Teams and the Entertainment Industry

Employee and Union-owned Multinationals and Trade

Converting Socialist Enterprise to Employee Ownership

Fighting for Justice

An International Bill of Rights

Elections and Campaign Finance

How to Pick Better Bureaucrats

Reform of the Civil Service

Reorganizing the US Government

Regional Government

Bringing Peace to Israel

Lessons from the War in Iraq

Toward Allied Government

A Private Space Transportation System

Going to Mars

Aerospace Firm Management

Ending Government as We Know It

Taking Action

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