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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yo, Rudy!

Michael Powell and Chris Chillizza read the tea leaves on a Giuliani primary candidacy as a Republican. They are not optimistic.

The way the GOP is going, with other libertarians looking elsewhere - and the donor base not far behind, they may be right. What they don't highlight is that if Rudy raises a lot of money from libertarian Republicans and loses, these donors may take their money and go elsewhere - especially if Rudy does the same thing.

Yo, Rudy! Over here. Check out the call for candidates on the right. If you find it interesting, perhaps you should look to a third party. I am making this call now, knowing that your tenancity will probably drive you into a few GOP primaries. If that doesn't work out, there is still time in early 2008 to get something going. As I have said here previously, there are quite a few of your fellow Catholics who disagree with the GOP, either on economic grounds or on social grounds. The party has never been a good fit for us, and the Dems are not that much better. If you can relate, a lot of people will relate with you.