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Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Unity*08 Candidacy

For myself, I would like to run if there is interest. Why would I run in Unity*08?

I believe in reforming our tax laws to end the filing of income taxes by most individuals, replacing it and the usual credits with an expanded business income tax where wages are not deductible but dependent support is creditable at $500 per month per dependent (refundable), with a minimum wage subject to tax at $10 per hour in addition to any credits (so no one pays their employees just with credits). There would also be credits for charitable contributions made in the employees name for education and social services to either public or private schools and social service agencies, a tuition credi, a capped mortgage interest credit and a health care/insurance credit. The dependent credit is high enough to discourage abortions, especially if matched by a similar state credit.

The reason I would run as a third party candidate with this position is that the Republicans think my plan is socialistic for the large dependent credit and the Democrats think it is fascist because I favor privatizing most government services and do not support abortion as a form of birth control.

The Libertarians and Greens have the same opinions, except they will add curse words to this description. (*!$% Socialist and ^%$% Fascist).

To run, I need 100 names on a "hard copy" petition. If you are interested in signing such a petition, comment to this post and I will give you the address. Note that to sign such a thing you must be a registered voter.