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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Taking Action (Geocities Rescue)

Organizing the Movement and a Party

To end government, we have to get organized. It is clear is that, given a progressive view on tax policy and reproductive choice, there is no hope for this ideology succeeding within the Republican Party, while adopting the view that human life begins at gastrulation and that tax policy should be used to protect it makes success in the Democratic Party iffy at best. It is clearly time to stake out new ground. The first step in organizing a movement for change is to begin talking. A Yahoo discussion group has been formed for this purpose. As our numbers increase, on-line discussion groups for every state will be formed. As these groups grow, face-to-face meetings occur at the congressional or state legislative district level to discuss issues. When a candidate is recruited from each district, petitions can be circulated creating the Christian Libertarian Party. When a candidate is recruited from each district, a political party is formed This party will conduct its affairs as suggested in the essay on electoral reform. Direct contributions to candidates are not allowed. Rather, donors and PACs contribute directly to the Party, which distributes funds to any candidate getting 15% membership at the district funding caucus. No run for national office is attempted until at least 233 congressional candidates have been recruited (216 House, 17 Senate) to vote in a national nominating convention.

Consulting Services

The Iowa Center for Fiscal Equity and Religious Left Productions provide consulting services to Unions and Employee Stock Ownership Plans, aerospace companies, faith-based organizations, political parties, state medical societies, state governments and federal agencies who wish to adopt the principles in these essays. The following services are available:
- Board structure and management selection reform,
- Payroll system redesign,
- Pension reform,
- Health insurance cost control using medical lines of credit,
- Company training and education system redesign,
- Public and private education system redesign ,
- Institutional board of education consultation,
- Commercial Space Transportation System development and funding,
- Privatization services,
- Private faith-based correctional and mental health system strategic development and marketing,
- Governmental budgeting systems development,
- Systematic redesign of local tax structures,
- Development of statewide senior healthcare systems,
- Medical malpractice accountability and arbitration systems,
- Agency and state financial management system development,
- Election and campaign finance reform,
- Training and credentialing services for potential political appointees,
- Civil service management and leave reform,
- Public agency reorganization,
- Diocesan organizational development,
- Environmentally efficient housing design services,
- Professional sport and entertainment union-ownership development,
- Automated transportation system development, and
- Economic analyses of currency markets for transfer pricing.

A portion of the profits from any consulting are contributed to the party. These proceeds go toward lobbying expenses, the printing of literature and the election of candidates. Donations are also gladly accepted. Employment is available in a variety of capacities, including marketing, fundraising, accounting, scientific, engineering, technical and legal.

Leadership Conferences

The Iowa Center for Fiscal Equity and Religious Left Productions hold a series of leadership conferences on the issues of the day. Opinion leaders for the various perspectives, government officials, congressional staff and the media are invited to examine several issues from a fresh perspective, with the goal of seeking a viable solution. The following issues are discussed:
- Creation of Personal Retirement Accounts in Social Security and their impact on the workplace,
- The economic impact of regulation, governmental spending and fiscal policy on the various federal regions,
- Organizing faith-based organizations to provide vocational education, TANF casework, mental health, drug and alcohol treatment, corrections, and retiree health care and annuities, - Election and campaign finance reform,
- The impact of Church organizational structure on Christian unity,
- The impact of various tax reform proposals on abortion, the aging crisis and the funding of state and local government programs,
- The empowerment of young and professional women who wish to have their children and the careers without resorting to abortion.

Justice Advocates - International

An international conference of leaders and attorneys from each nation is to be convened to discuss economic, social and environmental justice. This conference will become Justice Advocates, International and discusses and ratifies a universal statement on human rights and economic justice. Representatives to this conference return home to establish the rights of petition and tort in each nation where it is lacking now. If you are interested in attending this conference, contact the party.

A worldwide environmental defense network is to be established to study ways to end pollution. As new ways are developed, they are offered to companies. This network also sets up monitoring stations to catch violators. Justice Advocates brings suit against egregious violators who continue to pollute or who resist adoption of new environmental technology. Network scientists also study self-sufficient habitats for use on earth and in space.

International Currency Quarterly

An international meeting of economists is to be convened to discuss forming a common market basket of goods to measure price levels against exchange rates. The conference establishes a network to continuously monitor this relationship and publish a quarterly newsletter listing its findings and analysis, called the International Currency Quarterly.

Union-owned multinational corporations also use these data for transfer pricing. If you are interested in participating, contact us at the Iowa Center for Fiscal Equity.

Private Space Colonization

There are many private efforts to build work toward the private colonization of space. Most of these rely on the old model of corporate governance. An international space consortium of aerospace firms and an International Space Corps is to be created using the principles of 21st Century Economics outlined here. To form the backbone of this effort, job applications are now being taken for program managers for each of the space stations outlined in the essay on Going to Mars. Program managers are responsible for overseeing the design of the station, recruiting clients to use station facilities, obtaining financing once the client manifest is full and securing partners to build each station in orbit, as well as the attached spacecraft. This effort is divided into three teams, a Blue Team for Earth operations, a Grey Team for lunar operations and a Red Team for Mars operations. These are sweat equity positions until financing is obtained. Program Managers are eventually commissioned as members of the International Space Corps with the rank of Colonel. Colonels also receive permanent lodging on the space station they design. Applicants agree to abide by the principles of 21st Century Economics. Interested applicants should email me at Bindner_Space@Yahoo.com.

Rebuilding the Church

We end as we began, by talking about religion. It is my hope that the Church hierarchy heeds the comments made in the second chapter about putting away earthly power, creating a lay deaconate to manage its administrative, financial, educational and charitable operations, ordaining women and reinstituting priests who have married. If it does not, other actions are necessary. If events move as they have been, there is hardly an adequate supply of priests to meet the needs of the faithful. In some places, the need is already dire. Eventually, the faithful take matters into their own hands, demanding that the local clergy, and even the laity, reclaim the right to elect their bishops. The yeast for such a reform is those resigned Priests who have been cast aside, who are eventually the majority in many diocese. If groups of these priests met and elected new bishops it is hard to argue with the validity of this election, even though it is technically illicit. Whether such elections stand depends upon the reaction of the faithful. If the need proves as dire as it appears, such actions may meet with popular acceptance. Do these matters come to a head this year? Most likely they do not, but possibly in the next five years. I offer my Yahoo group as a forum of these discussions.

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